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Book One: For the Love of Scott

After a bomb takes his leg and the life of his beloved military working dog, Scott Hudson returns home to Ten Rigs, Texas, and once again finds sanctuary in the local animal shelter. Between recovery, physical therapy, and getting the kennel into shape, Scott's out of the life loop and the love game.

For six months Ben Thompson has watched Scott work wonders with the kennel and the dogs, admiring his focus and dedication. A pickup basketball game leads to a confession and a change in the nature of their relationship.

When Scott's dog, Sylvester, gets injured, Scott goes into a tail spin and blames his feelings for Ben for Sylvester’s accident. Will powerful emotions derail Scott and Ben's budding romance?

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Book Two: Love on Deck

Andrew Eckstrom's chance meeting with Connor Kulyk leaves him wanting more. More time, more conversation, definitely more sex. There's a joy and an ingenousness in Connor that Andrew finds compelling and refreshing. He doesn't want the end of the cruise to be the ninth inning of their relationship, so Andrew pitches the idea of long-distance dating.

Triple A ballplayer Connor Kulyk can't get enough of Andrew either. But it's not as easy for him. Connor hasn't had a relationship in years, but like so many people, he wants to love and be loved. Announcing to the sports world and his fans that he wants a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend leaves him worried about losing his career and more importantly, the love of his sister.

Will Connor step up to the plate and take a swing, or will his closely guarded secret keep him stuck on deck, forever wishing for love?

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Book Three: Absent Without Leave

Once bitten/twice shy, Aiden O'Leary, proprietor of O'Leary's Pub, swore to never be the other man. He put up with his ex's infidelities and accusations of the same for far longer than he should have, all in the name of 'for better, for worse' and what he thought was true love.

Home on leave, Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Jake Hardison stops by the pub for a beer on his way to the local motel and is blown away by the changes time has wrought to his high school crush.

Aiden is shocked to discover that Jake isn't quite as straight as Aiden had always thought. Sparks fly between Aiden and Jake when Aiden offers Jake his spare, but when Aiden learns of Jake's not-quite-divorced status, he sends him away for the four days it'll take for Jake's divorce to become final.

Two days later, Jake goes absent without much of a by-your-leave to Aiden. Aiden's left feeling betrayed and foolish. Again.

When Jake returns to Ten Rigs, will Aiden forgive and forget?

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Book Four: Rock the Cradle of Love

Hockey is easy, babies are hard.

Noah "Thirsty" Drinkwater plays professional hockey. He knows what it’s like to play through pain and fight for a win. What he doesn’t know is what the hell he’s supposed to do with the three-month-old baby girl he's just taken custody of.

Fortunately, teammate Taylor "Jingle" Bell, well-known on the team for his love of kids, is willing to help. Taylor takes to baby Emma like chocolate chips to ice cream. Spending time with her soft-spoken, gentleman-giant of a dad is easy as well. Taylor's falling and falling hard.

But he's a guy who likes sex and Noah...well, it turns out Noah's asexual.

What's a guy to do?

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Book Five: Coming to Grips

Hunky ranch hand Kyle Adams has been in love with his best friend for longer than he cares to admit even though Chase has never looked sideways at another man.

Gorgeous wrangler Chase Lewis has just come out of a four-year relationship with a crazy woman

When Chase is injured by a spooked horse and temporarily loses the use of a hand, Kyle's right there to offer his support.

The two are already best friends and roommates... Will Kyle confess his feelings and take a chance on becoming more?

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Book Six: Only For the Weekend

One family reunion. Two men. Three long summer days...

After enduring more losses than any one person should suffer, Cole put his heart in the deep freeze. The risk just isn’t worth it.

But Cole's tired of deflecting his family's questions and expectations about moving on and finding new love, so he accepts Tucker's offer to be a pretend boyfriend for the duration of his family's annual three-day gathering over Labor Day. They'll fake it for the weekend and then go their separate ways.

Tucker's never felt truly accepted. Not even by his own family. Cole's family, however, welcomes him with open arms and open hearts. Pretend or not, being a part of a family again is lovely, if a bit bittersweet. But his time in Ten Rigs was never supposed to be more than a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

Cole’s body burns and his heart thaws under Tucker's sure ministrations. Tucker finds the acceptance and the family he's always longed for.

Three days isn't nearly long enough.

Will Cole overcome his fear enough to ask Tucker on a real date?

Is the opportunity to be part of such an effusive and affectionate family enough for Tucker to stay in Ten Rigs for good?

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