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Monday, June 6, 2011


I worked Cowboys Stadium yesterday on behalf of the band. It was Gold Cup Soccer which meant lots and lots of Spanish speaking fans. Luckily one of my fellow cashiers spoke Spanish.

And those folks are crazy about their soccer. Not even Cowboys fans have rivaled the revelry.

At some point during half time of the first game or immediately after, there was a group right outside or stand chanting and beating on drums. Oi! You know for a few minutes it was fun, but after fifteen I was ready to scream. Plus, I couldn't hear my customers hardly at all. I had to practically read lips. And add to that the aforementioned language barrier...well... I was also in training for being "stand manager". Basically handling the setup/shutdown of the stand and taking care of the money. If I do it for ten games, Sonshine's band trip next spring is paid in full. An approximately $300 value at this point. Is it worth it? It only comes out to about $2.50 an hour, but I'd work that many games anyway, so...

The jury's still out. :|

I'm dragging because I didn't get home until after eleven and my poor body's aching as I was on my feet and on the go for ten straight hours. (Yep, it's a tough gig. Only stupid dedicated parents need apply.)

How was your weekend?


Regina Richards said...

You're a great mom and band booster to give so much of your time to the club. They are lucky to have you!

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