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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Keep Sonshine and me in your thoughts this weekend...

Sonshine leaves on his band trip tomorrow morning at 4am-ish. The students going on the trip are required to be at school by midnight tonight and they will be locked in the band hall until the bus arrives.

This is the first time Sonshine will be away from home without a family member for an extended period of time. I'm a bit nervous as he's fifteen...

Hubby gave him the 'talking to' this morning and his band instructor is no pushover by any stretch of the imagination. And generally he respects authority, so I probably have nothing to worry about, but there's still that niggle: I don't want it to be *my* kid who leaves a lasting impression of the negative kind on the whole event.

And according to the band director, band is one of the few school groups that has never had an incident while on trips and consequently still gets to go on them.

They will playing one official event tomorrow afternoon and the rest of the weekend will be fun, fun, fun...

...for them. I'll be a bit nervous until Sunday when I know the bus is on its way home and my kid is safely ensconced thereon with no further opportunities for trouble-making.


mtnchild said...

You worry too much! Is he that much of a follower that he would walk into trouble with his eyes wide open? I sure hope not!

I remember those times well ... LOL.
Love you,

Regina Richards said...

I bet he'll have fun and I don't believe for one minute he'll be a bit of trouble. But being a mom i know how it is. I always worry about mine too.

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