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2018 Goals

  • Regularly write to my Grandma in Denmark.
  • Call my moms monthly.
  • Walk the dog three times a week.
  • Cook and eat better.
  • Re-institute the cleaning plan.
  • Work on my writing career--such as it is.
  • Reduce body fat and maintain current weight.
  • Take dance lessons with DH.
  • Do more crafts!
  • Take ballet and/or ice skating lessons.
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

The old man is snoring...

After all that heat, we now have rain. Our back yard has transformed from a yellow and brown wasteland to an overgrown green swamp. Our yard is the lowest spot for our block, so when it rains a lot and rains hard, we get saturated and the water flows over the yard rather than soaking into it.

But rain is good. No pressure to mow at the moment, although the yard desperately needs it.

Just a nice quiet morning to write, write, write...

As of last night, I have written 12,750+ new words on two stories since Tuesday, 7/21. I'm really excited about that, and about the fact that one of those two stories is almost and finally finished.

Actually, I've written more words than that, because I've also banged out a couple of writing articles as well.

Once the one is completeed, then I have to determine which of my other partially-done manuscripts I'm going to start finishing.

It's been an exhilarating, but somewhat tiring experience. But what a rush to see what I've accomplished. I can't wait to see what the next couple of weeks are going to bring.


L.A. Mitchell said...

You're on a great roll, Jen. Keep it up!!

mtnchild said...

Keep going there Jen!!! Are these going to be books, or short stories like The Ranchers Wife?

We just had a thunderstorm come through - nutzo dog!!!


Jen FitzGerald said...

Thanks for your encouragement, ladies.

Actually, the ones I've been working so hard on are fan fiction...yeah, I know, not publishable for money, but it's not always about that. At least I'm writing and getting my create juices working.

But, but, but...I *have* finally dug out my young adult novel--that *is* publishable for money--and revised 52 pages yesterday. Today, I'll get back at it, although it'll be much harder, because those first 50 pages were pretty well done. The next 80 aren't quite so polished and will require a bit more work and fleshing out.

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