Monday, February 11, 2019

It's a Misty Moisty Morning and Cloudy is the Weather

It's been drippy and dreary all weekend, but on an UP note, the temperatures are warmer. Not complaining.

Yesterday, I did something I've been wanting to do for awhile--ice skating. DD and I went yesterday. We only lasted about 15 minutes though as DD's feet were hurting bad. Not sure if it was the skates or what, but also it was her very first time on ice skates. We made it around the rink maybe five or six times--her with a stack of buckets for balance--before calling it quits. I tried with some buckets once around, but managed better on my own. Despite the fall I took on the first lap. Oops. There was also an under-10 birthday party going on so there were a lot of other unsteady skaters milling about and it's harder to manage your own unsteadiness when you have to navigate others. We're planning to keep going as schedules allow.

There's a donut shop along the main drag in my neighborhood. Rest assured I haven't stopped in there in quite a few years, but I can't now, even if I wanted to. It's apparently closed for good. This makes me kinda sad, although I definitely get it. The guy who owned and ran it--just the one guy--had been there for probably 50 years. One time or another, when I bought donuts occasionally, we'd been chatting and he mentioned he'd been there about 40 years. Ten years ago for a donut purchase sounds about right, so I'm sticking with the theory that he owned and operated that place for 50 years. I hope he's enjoying his time off now that he's not up and working in the wee small hours anymore. And I know that because he was already in there (plate glass windows all around) when I'd pass by on the way to the gym at 0345...

Hope you had a good weekend no matter what kind of weather you had and here's to a productive week. Take care...

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Oh say can you see...

I've selected a new template. For now. Though I loved the other one, it was time for a facelift, so those of you who visit the blog directly will see some changes as I try out various templates and see what feels right. Bear with me...

What I really wanted to talk about today is hockey. Sort of. DD and I have gone to about fifteen games at this point.

One of the things I enjoy about hockey as a sport and attending games is that the fans actually sing the National Anthem. Across the county. I don't know pro about football or basketball games, but hockey games--yes.

As you can see, a digital rendition of the flag is shown on the jumbo-tron as well as on the digital screens on either end of the arena. A real live American and Canadian flag hang on either side of those "end-cap" digital screens in the American Airlines Center. If the Stars play a team from Canada, both anthems are sung. I do try to sing along to the Canadian anthem too, where I know the words. I think I've mentioned that in Buffalo, both anthems are always sung because they are so close to the border that a significant number of people in attendance are Canadian.

Back when Sonshine was in marching band and we attended Friday night football games--NO ONE sang. I thought it was a shame.

This past Monday, DD and I attended a game we bought tickets for. The game wasn't part of our partial season tickets package, but it was bobble head night and so we bought some cheap tickets and went. Two things that have never happened to us happened at this game.

The first was that our section was chosen for the "Dr. Pepper Minute" -- where if Stars scored a goal in the designated minute, everyone in that section would win free Dr. Pepper. The Stars didn't, in fact, score a goal during that minute, but they pulled out a win. I'll take a W over free Dr. Pepper, thank you very much.

The second thing that happened was that DD ended up on the jumbo-tron. Mostly the cameramen move around the lower bowl and our usual seats are in the upper bowl. But tonight we got found. We just smiled and waved and the guy moved on. It was kind of exciting for as much as I had been dreading it.

While my 100 Things Give Away has sputtered a bit in the execution, my binge-watch of Maria Kondo and her take on keeping things has spawned a shift in thinking for me in regards to the things I think about buying. Many times in the past few weeks, I've opted to not buy something. Mostly it's been Stars related merch, because you really only need so much. And I went a little crazy at Christmas. But the thought process is not limited just to over-priced fangirl purchases.

Last night, I needed to get out of the house and DD needed to go to Dollar Tree. So I tagged along. We ended up on a jaunt through Target as well. While I didn't leave empty handed, the things I bought were a birthday present, a new shower curtain liner, another pair of magnifying readers (because, like Chapstick, you need a pair in all crucial locations), and a treat I promised a friend. I did come across things I could have used or wanted, but had that second and third thought of "Do I really need this?" or "Do I need to spend money on this right now?"

So while, I'm not getting rid of stuff, I'm not accumulating much either. I will get back to purging soon.

Have a great rest of your week.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Thank goodness I live in Texas...

If you know me, you know that I vehemently hate the cold. Anything below, say, fifty degrees displeases me. I can tolerate anything lower better on some days over others, but seeing such negative temperatures in other places around the country or the globe--well, it makes one think and be thankful even if North Texas still hovers around the freezing point.

Have a great weekend and stay warm, where ever you are.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A Time for Learning, Part II...

A few posts ago, I mentioned the writing-related books I already had in my ownership. While I haven't giving up reading for pleasure completely, because NO WAY JOSE!, I have stuck with reading for pleasure just before bed as a way to relax and settle down.

I hadn't planned on making this topic a two-parter, but here we are. :0)

So...I re-opened the Save the Cat book and started reading from the beginning. It's been quite helpful and I'm just about done with it. In the meantime, an online friend of mine who offers online writing courses and edits and writes blogs about writing shared with me a recording of one of her classes that covered the same basic concepts as the Save the Cat book. (It was as a thank you for keeping time so often during our daily sprints in the chat room.)

I watched the video and she did indeed parallel a lot of points Blake Snyder made in the Cat Book. The gal in the video fleshed things out a bit more than the text of the book, so that was helpful.

In two days, I start an online class that I know is also going to complement and overlap what I've learned so far. I'm hoping repetition is the key to my success. The class is going to require me to plot a new book from an idea (which I have) rather than work on something in progress. But that could be useful too--starting the process from scratch and building from the ground up.

One of my goals for the year is two publish at least two new books. That means I really have to up my game in certain areas of my writing. Plotting is one of those areas.

Fingers crossed!!

Hope you're having a great week.

See you Friday.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Time is Precious...

Due to some really random circumstances, DD has been living at home with us for the last almost-four-years. She'd moved out, but then stuff happened and she needed a quick place to relocate. The only requirement we had was her paying rent this time around. She was amenable and one of my babies was back in the nest.

She's very low maintenance and I don't have to feed her unless I want to. She's basically a boarder and as an adult in her late 20s, comes and goes as she pleases.

I've loved having her home again. We are very similar creatures and can share space with little conflict. Being able to spend time with her when she deigns to do so, is precious time well spent. Eventually, though, she's going to move out again, and when choosing people to do things with, I'm not going to be on the top of the list. As it mostly should be. I hope as I get older, I become first choice every now and again.

Yesterday, we ended up at Stars open practice again. She'd originally planned to go with her BFF and her BFF's kids, but one kid fell ill and they couldn't go. I was the backup plan. It's fine. I'm happy for any time offered, even as a second choice. And I'm grateful for the overlap of hockey as interests in our lives.

I had other tentative plans for yesterday afternoon. But time with any of my kids is precious, and I opted to spend yesterday afternoon with my darling younger daughter.

We didn't end up getting any new autographs, but most of the healthy roster was on hand and it was interesting to see the various sessions of things they practiced.

Some pictures, because why not?

 Here's my bruiser, Roman might remember him from last week's celebrity dinner party post.

Coach Monty...third coach in three years. One of the few coaches in NHL history to come up from the college coach ranks.

This is Anton Khudobin, also from the dinner party post, all geared up and awaiting some action.

One of our young defensemen, Esa Lindell, bouncing the puck on his stick blade.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and got to spend some time with the special people in your lives.