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2016 Goals

  • write to my grandmother every six weeks or so
  • call my moms every month or so
  • cook/eat better
  • clean out and organize my writng/craft room
  • re-institute the cleaning plan
  • publish six books by September 2017
  • reach 120 to 125 pounds
  • walk the dog three times a week


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Blog Archive

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Friday, April 21, 2017

It's my journey and no one else's...

I've been doing this "event" thing with my writers group where we read a blog post by this particular author/publisher and discuss his topic.

I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again, this guy's opinions really resonate with me. They don't resonate quite as deeply or as across the board with everyone else, though. Which is, of course, perfectly fine. But it's certainly been interesting.

I was reminded the other day that this journey, my journey, is not a race. Yes, there are deadlines I need to meet and a there's an understanding in indie publishing romance that the faster you churn out books, the more financially successful you can be. Of course I want to be successful. Financially and otherwise.

But I also know that I don't want to be a slave to my writing. I'm almost fifty years old and I'm in a better place than I've been on many levels for most of my life--I want to live and enjoy life too. And if I'm not out living life and learning things and meeting people, then I fear my writing won't be as enriched as it could be.

I'm not even in competition with other writers. My chosen sub-genre is a small one. There's room for new authors. I hope my style, my twist resonates with people. I think (I hope) it will.

Not only is it not a race, but it's no one's journey but mine. I get to choose what I write, when I publish, if I advertise or spend time on social media. All the loud voices say you should advertise and promote and connect with fans on Facebook (or wherever) but that's not me and I'd much rather spend time writing or watching hockey or talking to my DD.

That's not to say I won't put my Facebook out there and interact with people if they find me, but I'm not going to actively recruit. I've never been convinced that all that stuff equals enough sales to justify the amount of time people seem to spend on it.

Every little while I start feeling ansty, like I'm falling behind, but until that first (second & third) book goes live, I can take as much time as I need to get there. After that, there's a bit more pressure to stay on track and be more timely rather than less, but it's still ultimately my decision.

I'm still hoping to hit "publish" on or before my birthday in June, but I've had some small hurdles and I'm just not sure if everything's going to come together. And maybe every single thing doesn't need to be in place. I don't know. Food for thought.

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Sorry this is soooo late's been a crazy few days.

And so sorry I missed Monday. The weekend was a bit busy and then Monday, I ended up being without Internet access aside from my phone, but that's not conducive to everything Internet-based. Not for me anyway.

On the other hand, I did have my laptop and I was able to finish reading through book five. It could use another pass (or two), but it needs to go to the editor in a few days. And--I'm tired of looking at it. The editor may have her work cut out for her, but I said that about the last book and she didn't say much about that one. So who knows. >>shrugs<<

Does watching real TV count as being off the grid? because I've been able to watch the Stanley Cup semi-finals on my big screen TV the last couple of nights too, so that's been a nice change from watching it on my iPad. Anyway, last night's game was a freakin' nail biter.

The Columbus Blue Jackets pulled off a much needed win--
had they lost they would have been eliminated from the first round.

Anyway, being off the grid was nice and lonely at the same time. But I survived.

Hope you've had a good week so far!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Remember when I used to post about my backyard a lot?

Yeah, me too. I kinda miss my yard. I haven't spent a lot of time outside recently, except to hang while the dog runs around. I usually sit and read while she sniffs and chases things and does her business.

I haven't worked on anything in the yard in years and you can definitely tell. It's not that I don't want a nice-looking yard, because I do, but I no longer have the inclination to do it myself. At least not right now. I'd rather pay someone to do the back-breaking labor and enjoy the fruits of their labor and my money. But that's a ways off...maybe months, depending on how the books sell come June, July, and August...or maybe longer.

The lawn gets mowed and weed-whacked but that's pretty much it. The trees need trimming, we have a huge brush pile behind the shed and any semblance of specialty areas are mostly over-grown with grass or covered in leaves.

What I'd really like to find is a "putzer"--someone who'll come putz in my yard once they're done in their own. Someone who likes to just putter and weed and water and trim and plant. Anyone know someone like that in my neck of the woods???

I also miss watching the squirrels and birds. Although that could be easily remedied  by filling the bird feeders and squirrel feeders again. Once I have some extra cash, I plan to. But you'd be surprised how not cheap bird food and squirrel mix is.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2017 First Quarter Goal Update

Quite frankly, I'm not doing so hot.

I'm calling my mom & step-mom, so that's good.

I'm behind on writing a letter to my grandmother.

I'm not doing as well on the cooking better/eating better as I'd like, but I'm doing better than last year. Still have nine months to make further improvements.

My writing room is also not as clean and tidy as I'd like it, although I have worked on it a little. Again...still have time. :0)

The cleaning plan is nowhere to be found at the moment.

I am slightly behind on getting my six books published. Just need to get my arse in gear and pick up the pace.

I'm on track to reach my weight goal. Just got to keep on doing what I'm doing. Only maybe a little more gung ho there too.

I haven't walked the dog in months, so yeah. There's still time!!

How about you???

Did you  lay out some goals? How's your progress??

Monday, April 10, 2017

More hockey surprises...

In April before the trade deadline, the Stars lost four players in trades. Good players. Producing players. But we got draft picks in exchange for a couple of them, so...we'll see how that plays out in June.

But Saturday after the last game of the season came the news that the coach (!!) was let go. At first I wasn't sure why, but after some article reading I figured out that while this coach is one of winningest coaches in the NHL, this season was the Stars second worst season record since they moved to Dallas. Since the coach's contract expired, I guess the higher ups figured that shaking things up might -- um -- shake things up.

I guess we'll see how the summer and training camp plays out. *fingers crossed*

In other Jen-related hockey news, my two second favorite teams both made it to the playoffs. The problem is, they're in the same division--meaning they play each other in that first round, so somebody's going home...someone's going to the second round.

The Columbus Blue Jackets vs  the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I'll be happy and sad at the same time either way it shakes out.

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