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2019 Goals

  • Regularly write to my Grandma in Denmark.
  • Call my moms monthly.
  • Walk the dog twice a week to start.
  • Cook and eat better.
  • Re-institute the cleaning plan.
  • Work on my writing career--such as it is.
  • Reduce body fat and maintain current weight.
  • Get some general household projects done.
  • Expand my Etsy store offerings.
  • Institute family time/game nights.


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Blog Archive

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Friday, January 18, 2019

To go along with the 100 Things...

So there's a show called "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo"--a young Japanese mother and mogul who helps families de-clutter their homes and lives. I had seen it passing on Netflix, but hadn't quite decided to watch it until a friend of mine mentioned that she'd binged it. Next time I was looking for something to watch...Marie Kondo got the click. Since I have been in a "getting rid of stuff" faze, it seemed like a good choice.

The first aspect of people's lives Marie tackles is clothes. She has the people she's helping take all of their clothes out of closets and drawers and boxes and make a pile on the bed or floor so that an individual can see how much clothing they actually have. Usually it's a lot. Partners make separate piles.

One guy had over 150 pair of shoes, many of which he'd had for over a decade and most of which he'd never worn. It was interesting to see how emotionally invested he was in those shoes. Eventually though, he pared the cache down to under fifty pair.

So anyway...once you've got your clothes in a pile, Marie says to touch each item, one by one, and keep it if it sparks joy within you, while thanking and then putting aside the items not being kept.

While clothing wasn't specifically on my list of things to purge, I do know I've got stuff I don't wear and so I've been pondering the KonMarie method to get rid of anything extraneous. I'd love to get DH going on this process too because I know he has quite a bit of stuff that could be gotten rid of, but that's going to be a challenge, so it'll have to wait--life is still not quite back to normal.

Getting rid of books will be (has been) pretty easy. Since I prefer e-reading and the fact that I can carry 100s of books/stories with me on a phone or a Kindle is wonderful; getting rid of physical books isn't a hardship. I have a few that are sentimental in value, but for the most part, the rest can/will go.

It's really all the miscellaneous stuff that I'm going to struggle with because I love my stuff...all my collections and fandom oddities that I've accumulated over the years. But Ms. Kondo isn't about getting rid of ALL your stuff. Just the stuff that no longer sparks the joy it once might have. That's easy and fair enough.

I promised an update today on my quest to get rid of 100 things, so here it is...

On Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, I worked my way through three drawers of a dresser in my office. The contents were mostly craft related with a handful of other random items thrown in for whatever reason.

I was pretty ruthless and realistic about the stuff. All I kept was anything cross stitching related. Business cards were relocated. Sewing stuff was put in a box for a friend I mentioned a while back. All other random crafty things were put into the donation box.

Contents of the top draw...all that I kept were the rolls of Aida cloth, the white box in the center, and the two post cards at the bottom. Everything else was given or thrown away.

Contents of the middle drawer...everything given or thrown away except for that little stationary set on the left. I thought it would be good fro writing notes to my Grandma.

 The bottom drawer "before"...

Contents of the bottom drawer...the fabric and the patterns went into a box for my friend. The cross stitch related items went into one of the other two drawers. A few things went into the donation box or the trash. See below what's left in the drawer now.

Marie Kondo is all about using small boxes for sorting and organizing small items within drawers. I took her method to heart as you can see. I used to use plastic shoe box containers a lot to keep things like batteries and light bulbs sorted. I've gotten away from it as a general practice, but the clean lines of sorted possessions is speaking to me again. Here I used empty boxes from 12-packs of Ramen Soup. I had one sitting around and pulled the other one out of the cabinet, leaving the packages of soup in a stack.

I guess I just have to classify everything I got rid of as two items: one of miscellany and one of sewing stuff. That puts at me at thirty-two items. :0)

Have a great weekend, y'all.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Enjoyed a lovely day with my Darling Daughter...

This past Sunday, DD and I went to the Dallas Stars open practice. It was apparently an optional practice as only three players were on the ice and they were three players that hadn't participated in the previous night's loss again the St. Louis Blues. Two are injured players who should be back in the lineup any time now, hence practice, and the other a healthy scratch--meaning they had too men for a certain position and one of them can't play.

Once practice was over, we waited outside one of the facility doors for players to exit so that we could get a few autographs. The three autographs we ended getting were not from the three players on the ice, though.

I'd been saving my tickets for other reasons, but when pondering what to take for signatures yesterday morning--as our decision to go to open practice was made the night before on the way home from the game--the thought occurred to me and sparked joy. (more on that phrase later)

Here are a few pictures of practice...

 #25 Brett Ritchie, the healthy scratch

 #5 Connor Carrick, foot injury

#16 Jason Dickinson, back injury

On a fun note, DD was able to grab the errant puck that hit the net and fell through the netting and the glass. She was very thrilled.

Also, while we were waiting for autographs, I got to meet Josh Bogorad--the Dallas Stars play-by-play commentator. That was cool too. :0) I should have taken a picture with the guy!! Shoot--

On a side note...after acquiring a lot of stuff  over the holidays (we won't talk about how much stuff!!), it's time for me to get back to clearing stuff out, so look for a report on Friday.

Have a great week.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Being a Bloody Do-Gooder...Mike Rowe Does It Again

By now, most of you know how much I adore Mike Rowe. I got to hear him speak in person once and get my picture with him... That was a thrill, let me tell you.

I know I've mentioned his show, Returning the Favor, at least once. The link there is to the show about the Soup Ladies who take energy-laden meals for the first responders at scenes of natural disasters and the like.

I'm watching the latest season via Facebook, although I haven't gotten around to watching the second season just yet, but I digress...

Watching Mike Rowe help people who are selflessly helping others almost always makes me cry and it most certainly makes me wish I could somehow help others on a regular basis. I have no idea what I can do or where to start or how to figure it out, but hopefully something will occur to me at some point.

Anyway... if you don't know who Mike Rowe is, go look him up. He's a down-to-earth, no nonsense guy who does a lot of good things for a lot of good people, and not just through his show.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Or not!!

I caught the crud going around and am putting up the good fight. I have no cough and I can still sleep pretty well. I had a sinus pressure headache that I didn't feel like battling my way through, so I bought some OTC sinus medication. Pain relief within twenty minutes! That's the good thing about not taking anything on a regular basis, not even ibuprofen--my system is completely cleared out so I don't have any built up tolerances.

My body was sore from the reinstated workouts and it welcomed the day off I took from the gym, allowing it to fight this cold instead.

I also decided to work from home today so that I could  rest or nap as needed. It's been close to three months since I worked from home. My desk was a mess of piles since I hadn't needed it for anything other than storage.

Hope you've avoided catching whatever's going around...

See you Friday.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Damn the torpedos, full spead ahead...!

Life is officially back on track. More or less.

DH/Bossman is back in the office. There is a list of "new year" tasks to get done this month. All clients are back at work in full force as well.

Sonshine made it back to Seattle with no issues.

The house is back into some semblance of order except the Christmas trees that I am working on and the plethora of cardboard boxes from all the package deliveries for the holidays.

I got up and went to the gym both yesterday and today like I was supposed to. Besides the last carb intake of cinnamon cakes Sunday morning, I ate properly all day Sunday and planned my menu accordingly for Monday. Remember, no more bread-based carbs for a while...not even my carb-lite tortillas. :(

I haven't worked writing tasks back in to the routine just yet nor the cleaning plan. Getting back to the gym on a daily basis at the early hour I go is going to take me a few days to adjust to in terms of not being physically tired during the day. I may end up in bed earlier than usual for a few days until I get back into sync, so working everything into the daily/weekly routine will take a week or two. And that's okay.

 Hope your new year is off to a good start. See you on Wednesday!!

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