Friday, October 18, 2019

Road Trip

Day 2 of the Great Albuquerque Road Trip...(Wednesday)

After enjoying the hotel breakfast, Pauline and stopped to see the Cadillac Ranch on our way out of Amarillo:

You just walk up, take a look, add your mark if you like, take pictures and head out. It was fun to see.

A little farther west, we hit the geo-mathematical mid-point of Route 66--not that we traveled the whole thing, but it a neat thing, so we stopped.

And then we arrived safe and sound in Albuquerque mid-afternoon.

Have a great weekend and I'll share more next week once I'm home.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Fort Worth Stockyards...

As I mentioned on Facebook yesterday, if you follow me there, in the twenty years I've lived in Fort Worth, I've never made a trip to the Stockyards.

But when you have a friend visiting Cowtown from across the Pond what more fitting place is there to go?

We had delicious brisket tacos from Riscky's Barbecue, checked out the Stockyards Collection and Museum in the old Exchange Building, and then caught the "cattle drive."

Brisket tacos:


Fort Worth's humble beginnings: the layout of the original fort.

The "cattle drive":

Have a great rest of your week.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Not long now...

My conference roomie, Pauline, arrived safely from London and she brought me this lovely hockey rubber duck to add to my collection of runner ducks! She also brought some British chocolate. Mmm, was it tasty.

Yesterday, we toured the 6th Floor Museum in Dallas--dedicated to all things JFK assassination. It was my second time going, although I had the headphones/audio tour guide this time. After the museum, we trekked a couple blocks over to view the JFK Memorial.

Today is final prep day and tomorrow we ride.

Wednesday I should have some images of our stop in Amarillo!!

Have a great week.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Albuquerque bound...

Sandia Peak Tramway 
(image from

I'm thinking of this as an excursion while in New Mexico. I'm not keen on heights, but it looks fabulous.

The countdown is really on now...five days until departure day and I'm making good progress with the various levels or preparation.

What various levels of preparation are you talking about Jen? You're going to be gone for a week.

Well, I have to make sure the office can function without me and I have to make sure all the bills are paid through the day I come back. Payday also happens the day I leave, so I have to create those to leave with the bossman to hand out, as well as make sure the money to cover them is in place.

My roommate for the conference is from the UK, and she's coming in a few days early so as to take advantage of cheaper air fare rates--but that means I have to get the guest room clean and ready and I had to tackle that bathtub issue because that really was embarrassing.

I also have to make sure DH has enough clean clothes and food to get him through the week as well as grocery shop in advance for the week of my return so I don't have to worry about having food in the house. We'll only be missing fresh salad stuff. 

And then there's me...just general packing as well as prepping for the book signing.

My book signing kit is just about put together--one last thing to go into it when I get home from work today. 

All that's left is general packing and I've already started gathering some of the extraneous stuff. 

So on schedule and ready to go!!

Have a great weekend.

Monday, October 7, 2019

The clock is ticking down...

Six day until my friend from the UK arrives, eight until we leave for Albuquerque.

It's definitely time to get my butt in gear and get things finalized for the trip. Yikes...

I have no pictures, but this past weekend, I re-caulked my bathtub. That included cleaning out the old stuff, cleaning the tile and tub and then replacing the caulk. It looks so much better now. Why didn't I do that long ago...? Mostly because I wanted to paint the tile rather than just re-caulk, but as I mentioned before, that whole project would be cost and labor intensive.

I have my lists ready so now it's time to start checking things off...

On another note--FALL has arrived!!! It was 62* this morning when I let the dog out.

Hope you had a great weekend!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Stars at Night, Are Big and Bright...

Monday evening was the Season Ticket Holder Event at the Dallas Zoo. It's an annual opportunity for season ticket holders to get picture or autographs with the players.

Here is me with my favorite Star... Roman Polak.

I got his signature on the poster I took the game last Saturday that elicited a smile. And he remembered me. :0)

As for the rest of the players, they either signed the event flyer or one of my season tickets if there was one with their image on it.Sadly, as I mentioned previously, not every player got his likeness on a ticket although there were enough tickets to do so.

Anyway, the girls and I had a blast, although DD and I were aching by the time we got back to the car from all the walking around.

Have a great rest of your week. Catch you on Friday.