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2018 Goals

  • Regularly write to my Grandma in Denmark.
  • Call my moms monthly.
  • Walk the dog three times a week.
  • Cook and eat better.
  • Re-institute the cleaning plan.
  • Work on my writing career--such as it is.
  • Reduce body fat and maintain current weight.
  • Take dance lessons with DH.
  • Do more crafts!
  • Take ballet and/or ice skating lessons.
  • Attend more STARS games.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The back yard is in bad shape...

This past weekend was lovely and on Sunday, I finally spent some time outside enjoying the warm temps and the sunshine. I took stock of the mess, but wasn't quite ready to tackle anything.

Besides just having a generally healthy lawn by the end of the year, I have two--no, wait--three, four... projects that need tackling. They are not listed in the order in which they'll necessarily be accomplished...

First project: trimming the holly in the planter built into the front of the house. I had delusions of digging up the holly at some point ages ago, but it really was going to be a whole lot more effort and probably money than I was willing to expend. And it grows quite nicely there. No guarantees anything else would, so I left it. It does eventually grow past its boundaries every now and again since we have never been diligent about trimming. And now it's time to square it up and dig out all the leaves that have taken up residence as well.

Second project: several trips to the dump to finally, finally clear out the dead tree limbs that have been lying in the yard since before Sonshine went to boot camp in October. We had a hellacious summer storm that knocked the dead branches out of the tree. But with one thing or another, we've just never gotten around to taking care of them. There's also another pile on the side of the house that needs to go. You've seen those in previous years...

Third project: clean out the bird feeder and flower beds...

Fourth project: the lawn. That's going to take ongoing weed pulling along with treatments of some sort or another, as well as regular mowing and weed whacking.

Well, now I finally have the goals in place. Now to come up with the plan of attack--fail to plan, plan to fail. I'll get back with you on the plan.

What about you--do you have a yard you enjoy working in?


mtnchild said...

Turn the leaves under your Holly into the soil. They will help with nutrients.

I'd love to work in the yard, but besides starting ... I rarely get too far. That darn arthritis and back pain just gets in my way. Hopefully this year I can get more plants in than last year. I prefer container planting so we'll see how far I can get with that. I also have to wait for the weather even if I'm starting inside a greenhouse. Hmmm, I need to get that fixed too ...

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