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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wishful Wednesday

The next item on my Wishful Wednesday wish list is foundation repair. It's certainly not a glamorous way to spend a chunk of change, but the house needs it desperately. We had a minor issue when we first moved in that was really only noticeable in the kitchen. And nothing really changed for a number of years.

The severe heat and subsequent drought conditions of the last several years wrought their damage. Shouldn't they tell you when you buy a house that you should water it??? I mean, if you come from a state where that's not an issue, how are you supposed to know these things??

We've always had slight issues with doors being harder and easier to open and close as the seasons waxed and waned, but things have not righted themselves this year. I can no longer completely shut my bedroom door nor the master bathroom door. DD's bedroom door and one of the hallway closet doors close, but they rub the upper jamb. All these doors are located on the far east side of the house and are ones you head north or south through. The bathroom door, which you walk east or west through, remains unaffected.


Some of the damage...

Space between kitchen back splash and the wall. Maybe between 1/4 and 1/2 an inch.

In Sonshine's room, up at the ceiling.

This is in the hallway. The door issues I mentioned are all on this side of the crack.

This is as far as I can close my bedroom door.

I guess it's time to look into foundation repair whether I want to or not. Anyone know any reputable and fair priced companies?


Regina Richards said...

foundation repairs are a bummer. We don't have any massive issues that we're aware of, but lots of little things that need to be addressed. We're trying to hold off until the kids get out of college, but I'm not sure if everything can wait another 3.5 years.

mtnchild said...

WOW, that's not good. I have a few issues but that's normal for an old trailer house. Id' have to have someone crawl under the house and tighten joints ... that's not cheap either, but I think your repair will be more than mine.

Make sure you thoroughly check out any company you might use! Maybe try Angie's List to see if it can come up with someone ...

Love you

Anonymous said...

Wait ... You mean a house shouldn't have cracks and doors that stick? I don't think I've ever lived in one that didn't :-)


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