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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another random picture post...

Monday, I started catching up with my pictures I've been taking to share with you all...and continuing today.

So let's see what else has been sitting and waiting...let's go with random backyard wildlife pictures.

Simon the stray cat has been visiting more often of late. He'll come and sleep in random places. Hoping for a feathery birdy treat I'm sure. But I also put out a bowl of fresh water and (cheapo) dry cat food for who-so-ever will eat.

Now I'm not sure the hierarchy between cats and squirrels -- Stevie, one of our resident squirrels, seems to think Simon is a predator. Personally, I think Simon is more interested in the birds than she is in Stevie. Unless Simon's starving, which she's not, there's no reason to try to catch a creature almost as large as she is. And Stevie could probably hold her own.

Anyway the point of that is that last Friday, I dragged the bins to the back gate. And heard Stevie up in the tree chattering angrily. And then I noticed Simon, who I'd startled, curled up alongside the fence. There's maybe ten feet between the tree and the fence and the branch was about fifteen feet up. It really was quite funny. Until I woke her up, Simon was snoozing away, oblivious to Stevie's angry tirade.

Do you have wildlife in your backyard??


Regina Richards said...

So Cute. :)

I have a lot of birds and squirrels in my back yard, but I never thought to name them. Maybe I will.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Well, since I have no indoor pets any longer, the outdoor ones are sort of substitutes now...

Char said...

Great pictures & wonderful post!

We have some stray cats, including one that got shut up in my garage for a few hours. He sneaked in when the door was open and I'd closed it, not knowing he was there. :)

Not too many squirrels around here, though I see a lot of them on campus. Bird, yes. Saw a coyate wander through the backyard on a moonlit night last winter. Now that was cool.

Lara Lacombe said...

We have several lizards, and every once in a while we get hummingbirds and rabbits.

Lara Lacombe said...

Oh, and a pair of Canadian geese who bring their babies to eat every day :) They come back year after year--I guess we're well trained.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Thanks for sharing, Char and Lara!

Canadian geese--how cool is that??

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