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Friday, September 13, 2013

And still more random pictures...

I think we're almost caught up now, so one more day. We'll see what the weekend holds for Monday's post, but for now...

I bought a new camera a few months ago and though I'm no photographer, I've been taking pictures of sunrises, seeing if I can capture some cool shots. I won't bore you with them all here, but I created a photo album on my Shutterfly. If you're so inclined, you can check them out here. Also, feel free to use any of my pictures for any purpose. Credit is nice, but not required. Feel free to share with others as well.

As for the rest of what I'm going to share...

Wednesday, Handsome the tree lizard was featured. I consider him to be sort of granddaddy-ish as he's the biggest one. There are two other smaller ones I've seen around and then a couple of weeks ago, I spotted this little guy! He's maybe two inches in length.

And I have a flag on my house. Finally! After I don't know how many years. I bought the flag two or three years ago. It's been in the hall closet and I finally made Sonshine put the bracket on the house. It was almost too far up. As you can at the top of the picture, the pole is right in line with the gutter. I just bent the bracket forward a wee bit and now the pole has a couple of inches of clearance.

As you know, Sonshine is a senior in high school this year. I did get a grudging picture of him on the first day...

And last but not least, I've been cross stitching again. I started a new project for myself -- a table cloth. Sort of. I have these two boxes of real old fashioned silver. (DH's grandmother's) The boxes were in my closet for years, but when I re-did the closet, I put them on the top bunk of Sonshine's bed. And then when I had him clean his room, I had him move them into my office/craft room. So when I tidied up my room, I decided to use them as a platform for Sonshine's wooden rocking horse. But, of course, they needed to camouflaged as well as protected. So...I dug out some large count blanket type aida cloth. It's probably five or six squares per inch and very loose.

Then I found an outline of a dala horse and created a pattern...

And then I started stitching!

I miscounted up on that fist one, so I'm going to have to pull it. But the second one has turned out perfectly aligned. It'll post pics once it's finished and in place.

Oh--are you asking why dala horses?? Well, my mom is from Denmark and when I visited my grandparents, they started my collection of the Swedish wooden horses. Which are called dala horses. I've expanded my collection over the years from the first two to ten.

(The huge one was a gift.) And I love them and thought why not?? I chose the orange and green because those are the primary colors of my room.

And I close now--it's almost the weekrnd. Do you have big plans??

Of course, I have a football game tonight, but the rest of the weekend will be devoted to cleaning house, me thinks. It's been far too long since I've done major damage!

See you Monday.


Regina Richards said...

I should clean house this weekend, but three new books arrived in the mail yesterday...

Jen FitzGerald said...

I feel you, Regina!!

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