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2018 Goals

  • Regularly write to my Grandma in Denmark.
  • Call my moms monthly.
  • Walk the dog three times a week.
  • Cook and eat better.
  • Re-institute the cleaning plan.
  • Work on my writing career--such as it is.
  • Reduce body fat and maintain current weight.
  • Take dance lessons with DH.
  • Do more crafts!
  • Take ballet and/or ice skating lessons.
  • Attend more STARS games.


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Blog Archive

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Can you say humid...?

So it's raining now, but supposed to get up to 77* today. Hmm...

Sonshine and the Jazz Ensemble played at a local retirement village last night. They were awesome. Sonshine, himself, had several solos and blew me away each time. I had to give the working camera up to the new website director of our chapter, so no pics or video unfortunately.

(I'll have to find mine and see if it's battery related or just plain dead and buy a new one. Oh, maybe for Mother's Day or my birthday, though I really don't want to wait that long.)

Not much work happening on the WIP this week. I did get an entry for the alphabet game written Monday evening, but that's on the new, in-planning story. Still, writing is writing, I suppose. Maybe tonight I will either open my WIP (since one of my FEB goals was to be in it everyday) or write another abc entry (I really don't feel like looking at the WIP yet after last weekend's marathon.)

After last evening's hectic activity (I hauled equipment so the band wouldn't have to rent a U-Haul.) I am feeling a bit muzzy this morning and with the rain, really wish I could curl up and go back to sleep for a couple of hours. Ah, well.

So back to work it is.

Happy Wednesday to you.


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