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Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Roof...

So much for normal...

We're getting a new roof, new gutters, and a new metal shed. All with no money out of pocket. The workers started yesterday and the first workers arrived as I was leaving at 6:55 this morning. So for the next few days the roof and yard will be crawling with strangers and the house will be filled with banging. Oh joy. But, hey, for a new roof, which obviously adds to the resale value of the house and a lower electric bill, I can live with banging for a few hours for the next few days.

The old round vents are going by the wayside and new vents that extend the length of the roof are going in. According to our roofing guy, our electric bill should decrease $2 for every foot of this stuff we have. On top of that, we have a solar powered attic fan, valued at $500. That will pull air in or suck it out, I don't know which, but will definitely help in lowering the temperatures in our attic space.

New gutters and downspouts will be a godsend. I think we'll need to add gutter guards, though so all those leaves and pine needles don't fill them up and clog the downspouts. Half the gutters are/were hanging by the skin of their teeth.

The new shed--meh--I could have lived without it since we have a huge wooden shed in the other corner of the yard, but hubby wanted it so we're getting it. Of course, now, we have to build a foundation/floor for it as the old one was pretty rotted out. A little money out of pocket, but not much.

So that's what's going on around here. At least for a few days...but I really dislike all the upheaval and have almost had enough already.

Calgon, take me away...


mtnchild said...

My goodness, how did you manage this without any money out of pocket??? Do tell, do tell ....

It will make a BIG difference! After I got my new roof, windows and under house insulation, I sure could feel the difference in the house and see it on the gas bill!!

It is so worth dealing with, no matter how much noise and dust you may have.
Love you,

Regina Richards said...

We are supposed to be getting a new roof, windows, shed, and fence because of the storms earlier this summer. The insurance has paid, but my hubby can't seem to actually get someone out here.

Cedrick Finly said...

It's good to see that your insurance was able to cover all the expenses for your new roof. Well, it's true that having a new roof will be very convenient for you not just on reducing your electricity bills, but also in protecting you from the rain.

Adam Waterford said...

That's the way I like it too! At first, I thought that it's impossible to fix everything in the house without spending too much - but I was WRONG! It is so possible for us to fix the roof, windows, sidings, doors, etc., even without spending a dime! Just be resourceful and creative and you'll be able to fix those things in no time!

Hugh Dinatale said...

A little sacrifice in exchange for a long time benefit! I’m also willing to endure days of noise and banging here, there and everywhere for the sake of having a new roof. Just don’t forget to take care of new roof, okay? Cheers!

-Hugh Dinatale

Lakisha Autin said...

I agree with Regina. That’s amazing! I thought you were just kidding when you said you didn’t spend money for the new roof and everything. I hope the roof is still okay. I’d like to hear some updates about it.

Lakisha Autin

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