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Thursday, June 16, 2011


We can't sell fireworks this season. The head honcho in McLennan County, where our store is located has just issued the order for the ban of sales and use of fireworks.

We understand--we really do, because it's been so dry here in Texas, especially south of us.

But couldn't he have done it yesterday or the day before--the supposed deadline for these announcements?? So that all those people that count on that deadline to place their order or pickup their product didn't proceed.

Ordering's not a big deal, because you can cancel it; but once you've take receipt of your inventory, you're (obviously) obligated to pay for it. We had a suspicion and cut our order way back so that we could pay it out of pocket, if we had to. Which we now have to do. Grr...

Looking on the bright side, I suggested we find somewhere to shoot our own show. Hubby hasn't shot a show in quite a few years, which he misses. And was the reason we started selling in the first place--to get wholesale prices. (The man was spending $4K to $6K a year.) (Yeah.)

Hubby's still taking his vacation though. He'll go to the store, stock the shelves, stripe the parking lot, etc. Just at a slower pace. I'll still get my vacation too. :)


mtnchild said...

Yeah, the ban is a bummer, but dry & firecrackers + brush fires. I don't do firecrackers or anything for the 4th, but New Years woohoo!!!! The dog is not happy, but with tons of snow we feel pretty safe. We have to be careful (?) of possible law enforcement patrolling around here, but we do get away with at least a little bit.

Ahhh, but I'm glad you still get your time alone.
Love you

Regina Richards said...

I know how precious alone time is to a mom and especially to a mom who loves to write, so I am so glad the ban won't completely nix your vacation.

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