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Thursday, November 18, 2010

*chirp, chirp*

It's been quiet on my round of blogs... I guess that's a good thing--less stuff to read so now I have more time to post. Posting can be rather time consuming, like when you have images to choose and then format and then upload and then caption... But we're done with that for now. :)

So--news from across the pond is that Prince William has finally asked his long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton to marry him. The wedding is scheduled for sometime next spring or summer. Thirty years ago next year, William's own parents were married.

I am a bit of royal watcher. More so in my youth (thirty years ago) than now, but I just happened to catch the announcement on TV when I went out to eat the other night. Otherwise I'd probably still be oblivious. My first thought was that William is starting to look more and more like his father and less like his mother. I don't necessarily think that's to his benefit. Second thought is that I still haven't forgiven Charles. Oh, I know it takes two to tango, but I certainly don't think he did everything he could have. And in this case, I think the age difference was a detriment.

Not so with Will and Kate (who's actually several months older than her prince). Plus I think she's been in the lime light for enough years to really know and understand what she's getting into. And she seems to be a stronger, more independent personality than Diana ever was.

Third thought is though William is second in line for the throne, I'm wondering if Charles (age 62) will actually be king. The Queen seems pretty spry for being 84 years of age, but I suppose he's young enough and will probably end up being king for a short time. For some reason, I thought he was older. I wonder if the Queen would ever force him to give up his claim and pass it directly to Wills. Highly improbable.

As a side note, Elizabeth is the last surviving head of state who served in uniform during the Second World War.

Okay, well, I got caught up in reading about the royals instead of writing about them, so I'll end this now and finish reading.


mtnchild said...

I knew it wouldn't take you long to grab onto the royal engagement!! LOL

We have the beginning of a very snowy weekend - - maybe we will have a winter this year. Dale & I finished the chicken coop just in time!! This morning when it first started, I went out and put a tarp over half the pen so it didn't all fill with snow. Spoiled chickens!!!

Love you,

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