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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Night Lights

High school football game tonight--not that I watch the game. I usually sit with my back to the field and watch the band. These kids are energetic and a lot of fun. That's not to say they aren't kids and don't mess around when they aren't supposed to, but they *are* teenagers. Very few seniors are in the band this year--which explains why my freshman son is first trumpet. (not that he's not talented, but it is unusual)

I've been put in un-official charge of game-night snacks. The band members aren't allowed to visit the concession stands any longer as they wear their official marching uniform to the games and the district does not want them staining them. So right after half-time, my DD and I are set up to hand out pre-packaged cookies and chips or rice crispie treats, etc. and a soda and a water to each kiddo.

Also, they now have to be fed prior to them leaving school for the game (our home field is a mile away and shared by several other schools)--an additional task that got dumped on the band director's already over-burdened shoulders. Next week, our family will be providing dinner for the band. Oh, boy.

Well, here's a shot of my handsome boy:

and the band playing the Star Spangled Banner:


Regina Richards said...

He is a handsome boy!

I noticed he saluted the flag before the anthem. Is he in JROTC? Is he interested in going to college on a ROTC scholarship? I know of a decent one (15,000) per year) that had only 50 percent of it's available money awarded this year because people simply didn't know the money was available. E-mail if he might be interested.

Regina Richards said...

I've asked you that JROTC question before, haven't I? I talk to so many people I can't remember who I said what to. *sigh*

Jen FitzGerald said...

Hi Regina -- Yes, he is also in JROTC and that info on the scholarship would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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