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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to School Night/Proud Parent Moment

Last night we met all my son's teachers. All women, all very nice. All very committed to making sure each student understood the subjects being taught. All seeming to love having our son in her class. His English/Reading teacher was impressed by his broad vocabulary--especially the big words he knows how to use. With a mom who loves to read and write, and two big sisters who were a bit older than him, he's been exposed to an advanced vocabulary since he was born.

He is also sitting first chair in band at the moment. Woo hoo!

We met the young lady he likes--a flautist and cheerleader. She's a cutie.

We've signed him up for the tutoring program--not because he needs help right now, but just to make sure that at the first sign of trouble the help is in place. The tutoring program is 34 hours over the course of the semester and provides a meal and transportation. How nice is that??

The thing that most impressed me was that all his teachers spoke well. We live in a very mixed neighborhood, more blacks and Hispanics than whites. In fact, there are only 42 white kids in this school, but I digress. As you can imagine most of the teachers at his school are also black. And a lot of the time, in my area, black people don't speak well--in that they don't enunciate and they tend to use incorrect verb tenses, etc. Not these ladies--with maybe one or two minor exceptions they all spoke proper American English. Now, the principal, on the other hand...ugh! But he seemed to have a passion for the school and the kids, so...


Sandra Ferguson said...

Congrats for getting through the start of school. Hope his year goes well.

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