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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The need for speed...

Or lamentations of a ruined vehicle.

I miss my Durango. My lovely bright red 2003 Dodge Durango.

As shared in a previous post, the oil light on my beloved vehicle came on and it took us awhile to be able to afford getting it fixed. When we finally gave the mechanic the go-ahead, he totally botched the job. We had all sorts of problems even after he supposedly fixed it. *Then* he was evicted from his shop before we got satisfaction. So we took it to the dealership for a quote, willing to consider paying them thousands more if it meant a working car. But because the mechanic screwed us over so bad, the dealership couldn't re-use any of the engine components. So basically another $7K to $10K for the dealership to fix it. But we weren't willing to pour that much *more* money into it.


When I stepped on the gas pedal of my lovely Durango, I went. Fast. Basically, zero to whatever speed in very few seconds. Nice smooth, quick up-shifting by the engine. Didn't hear it. Didn't have to wait for it.

The cars I have now...


...take forever to spool up to speed to even merge into traffic on the freeway.

I like to go fast. Maybe it's because I watch NASCAR. Maybe it's because I just like to get where I'm going. I don't know. But these cars are making me crazy. Next time I get a new car, you can bet I'll be testing the zero-to-sixty factor.

May my Dodge Durango rest in peace...


Sandra Ferguson said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mechanic snaf-fu. Did you take the guy to court? Get any money back?

Not that it makes the RIP for your favorite car any easier to take, but there should be at least some monetary satisfaction, shouldn't there?

Well, there is a karma god out that, and some place, some time, that mechanic will get his.

Hope you find a new car that makes you happy.

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